Planet Moolah Slot Review: Key Facts To Know Before Playing

Planet Moolah Slot Review: Key Facts To Know Before Playing

WMS Gaming has created several spectacular slot titles and Invaders from the Planet Moolah is one of such creations. This title comes with five reels and 25 pay lines making it quite standard in terms of modern slot setup. It uses a cascading reel that has bet sizes ranging from 25p to $125 on each spin. Many players may be intrigued by this game’s theme, but it does not take long to move on from the initial shock. The idea of this title is about an alien invasion from the Planet Moolah, but the attack is from cows. It can be a little unnerving to see a large family of cows making the invasion, while they also float on each reel.

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Minimum Bet
0.25 per line
Maximum Bet
125 per line
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Apart from an intriguing theme and looks, this game also manages to attract players with some brilliant returns on bonus features. WMS is known for features like cascading reels, and this is one of the slot titles that profit from this knowledge.

Planet Moolah Slot Design and Graphics

One can quickly be taken aback by the comic style of this Planet Moolah slot machine. There is not a lot of detail going into different symbols, reels, and features. Yet, it has been purposely done so that players are being transported to a different dimension. If the game is quite different visually, the same team is carried over to the soundtrack department. Even though every track is quite long, it manages to hit all the right notes required for such a theme. This innovative but refreshing idea certainly needs to be adequately experienced for a player to appreciate.


Planet Moolah Slot Review: Key Facts To Know Before Playing

A fun-filled experience is available when trying to access the slot symbols, which have a peculiar touch. Many slot titles offer a maximum of 10 symbols, but those who play Planet Moolah slot will have to contend with a whopping 16 symbols. It can get overwhelming in certain occasions. For example, there are three wild symbols, and cows represent each of them in different colors. It can take a while before users can get accustomed to the sheer quantity of symbols.


A wild symbol is offered a dominant status within the game. It is represented by different color combinations – Brown and black, brown and white, black and white. The symbols have the potential to substitute every symbol, but their only limitation is the inability to feature on the first reel.


A couple of UFOs are used to represent the highest paying symbol on this game, and it also acts as the jackpot symbol. If a player manages to hit five of the symbols in a single line, they will be rewarded with a 30X multiplier. Even with a conservative occurrence of just three symbols, a player can achieve a 1.2x multiplier on their stake.

Family Farm Items

Other symbols on the game are used to represent items found on a family farm.

  • They are a barn, trailer, truck, a couple of chicken, milk, mailbox, and outhouse.
  • The barn has the potential to return a 10X multiplier when five occur on the reels. The trailer comes a close second with an 8x multiplier for five on the spin.
  • The truck can manage an output of a 6x multiplier for five on the reels.

Beyond these symbols, there is a sharp decrease in output. The chicken and milk symbols are capable of providing up to time is the line bet, while mailbox and outhouse can deliver up to returns.

Planet Moolah Game Bonuses

There are no specific bonus games within this title, but certain bonus features help in this aspect. The likes of free spins and cascading reels are quite common amongst slot games, but they help multiply returns quite drastically.

Free Spins Feature

The process of starting Planet Moolah free spins is quite different from traditional slot games. Since there are no scatter or feature symbols in this title, this feature is started only when four or more cascading wins are produced in succession. Once it happens, a player receives free spins that range from 7 to 50. The quantity of free spins is determined by the number of cascading wins that opened up the feature. Based on this quantity, a player will receive:

  • 7 free spins for 4 cascading wins
  • 10 free spins for 5 cascading wins
  • 15 free spins for 6 cascading wins
  • 25 free spins for 7 cascading wins
  • 50 free spins for 8 cascading wins

After a player concludes the cascading wins for a specific spin, they would be prompted to hit the start button so that the free spins feature starts. The latter will stay active so as to provide a lot of wins. An added advantage is the ability to trigger more free spins.

Cascading Wins

Five spinning spaceships are located above each reel. Various cows occupy each of these spaceships in different color combinations. Once a trigger is made, these spaceships and cows can come together and start winning combinations. Once the zapping takes place, all the symbols are replaced by new ones.

It gives a player the opportunity to form another winning sequence. Hence, a player stands to make a higher number of wins than they would do from an otherwise regular this feature. Apart from providing better returns, Planet Moolah tips will try to encourage this feature since it is exciting and engaging at the same time.

How to Play Planet Moolah Slot

This five-reel slot game can be enjoyed with players likely to receive a lot of action in the form of free spins, cascading reels, and jackpots. A classic control panel has been provided so that players can take their preferred bet size. A second battle is also provided so that it is easier to make a quick wager using a slider. Now, players simply hit the spin button to test out their luck.

Double Up Bonus

Even though the game comes with several bonus elements, players can ramp up their wins using added features like Double Up bonus. This feature requires players to pick a correct card color. Depending on the success or failure of their choice, any wins from each spin can be doubled almost wholly. A maximum limit of 5000 coins is imposed on this feature.


The autoplay feature in this game is quite versatile. To start with, a player can select the number of spins – 10, 50, 100, or 200. They can also choose to stop the other spins feature when losses hit a predefined figure. It can help in safeguarding bankroll if things go against the plan. Even if a player is making a lot of profit from the auto spins, they can choose to book profits by stopping the game when a single win is more than a predetermined figure.

Pick Your Paylines

One surprising element would be the inability to pick pay lines. Many online slots do provide this option so that players can go with a smaller bet on each spin. However, players in this game can control their wager size, only through-line bet values.

Key Figures of the Planet Moolah Game

The Planet Moolah game carries an RTP figure of 95%. It is quite a tremendous number, as a player can expect to receive $95 for every $100 that they bet. However, the returns can be boosted when a player kickstart’s one of the several bonus features. There is higher volatility, just like in any other slot title that has cascading reels.

However, this also results in better winning potential, as one can come up with several winning combinations in just one spin. For this purpose, it is crucial to retain a bankroll for as long as possible. A player may not get any win for 25 consecutive spins, but they can achieve a whole load of coins in the next four spins. It is a game that is meant for players who can wait.

Demo or Free Play Mode

Planet Moolah Slot Review: Key Facts To Know Before Playing

Some players want to experience the Planet Moolah slot in its full glory, but they simply may not have the patience or time to register with an online casino. This process can be tedious and time-consuming. In that case, it is possible to enjoy this game without having to register or open an account. There are numerous demo versions of this slot, which can help better understand the workings of this game. The unique features like cascading reels and free spins need to be understood before trying to extract their maximum potential.

A free play option does not have any time restrictions, and a player will not lose any money in trying to learn about this game. It is recommended to try a demo version before enjoying this game for real.

Access from Mobile Devices

A large number of players are now accessing casino games from their smartphones. It gives greater comfort and the ability to access content from anywhere. Even when a person is on the move, they can open their smartphone and start playing a slot title.

This convenience makes it essential for WMS Gaming to offer a slot title that is compatible with mobile devices. Unfortunately, there is no Planet Moolah mobile app. Instead, users can open up their respective casino apps to access this slot game at any time. Since most apps for an online casino are meant to provide an excellent gaming experience, they are on par with desktops in terms of user experience.


It does not take long to understand that this game hides beneath a lot of potentials even if it can look quirky from outside. This Planet Moolah slot review was left impressed with the way WMS Gaming was able to introduce excellent visuals, features, and sound to keep a player hooked for several hours in one go. Even though many of the bonus features may initially look quite complicated, it does not take long to master them. In recent times, the prospect of fun has gone down from online slot games, but this is a title that tries to bring back the joy with a higher degree of success.

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